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This week we’re celebrating new startup ventures here in New Zealand and Australia.

Two of our favourite new start ups are Sydney based – Photo Corner and Bamboo Beach.

We’ll detail each business below and investigate why we’re excited about their potential:

Photo Corner

Photo Corner is an alternative to the usual photo booth hire Sydney has on offer. Basically they take the photo booth concept but expand  on it to allow more creativity and engagement for whoever hires the service.

Photo Corner does away with the classic ‘booth’ and replaces it with a themed backdrop and a ton of props, either chosen at random, or selected to fit the theme of the event.

The result is a much fresher and more exciting environment for everyone to capture some cool memories. There can be more engagement, more customization and a much fresehr more stylish set of photos at the end of the day.


Owner Renae McDonald is a Sydney born photographer and entrepreneur who discovered a real lack of creativity in the current photo booth market and decided to jump in and freshen things up.

Bookings are filling up fast this year and the business has great potential to expand.


Bamboo Beach

Is another Sydney based business but with a classic Australian focus – the beach!

Bamboo Beach is a bamboo towel producer that make beautiful extra large beach towels made from a combination of bamboo and cotton.

The towels have a custom eco-edge which is designed to break and fray as you use the towel and give it a relaxed stylish feel.

While the towels were designed to be used as beach towels they also make beautiful bamboo bath towels and look great by the swimming pool as well.


We’re excited about this concept, primarily because it takes a classic product which everyone thinks is done to death, turns it on it’s head with new material and new style, adds a luxury element to it and offers it to the growing style conscious, beach going Australian public.

Business founder Antony Corkin is a originally from New Zealand and a keen surfer who saw an opportunity in an already business market and pivoted to come up with a fresh and exciting new concept.


Why We Like These Startups

For us, we love seeing initiative that follows the idea of taking an existing idea, ripping it, pivoting on it, and then working hard to make the market away of your differentiation.

Both these businesses do exactly that. Photo Corner takes the tired photo booth market and adds a fresh aspect to it which is sorely needed in the Sydney marketplace. With many high end buyers looking to set themselves apart and have a unique event, this is the perfect offering.

Bamboo beach moves into a crowded but boring market and adds new and exciting concept so people have the opportunity to buy something unique and eco friendly.

Both are great concepts and we’re confident that each of the young owners will find a lot of success in the next couple of years.

look out for bamboo towels when you’re next at the beach and when you or your friends are planning their next event, give Photo Corner a call.





Bamboo Beach – Manly Based Startup

This week we’re focused on a local startup called Bamboo Beach – Making awesome towels using a combination of bamboo and cotton. We’re excited about the prospect and the fresh take on a saturated market.

Towels are everywhere in Oz, understandably and you can get really bored with same old tired designs and plain cotton fabrics. Bamboo Beach has gone out of their way to create something new and exciting.

Partnered with Photo Corner who offer an awesome Northern Beaches photo booth alternative, the two young companies are looking to do really well in their respective markets in the coming year.


Gone are the days when fashionable was synonymous with expensive. In fact, fashionable these days should also encompass function and practicality. This Holiday season, if you are still thinking of the best gifts that you could give to your family and friends, think outside the box a bit and go for Bamboo Beach – Extra large bamboo bath towels size made from a combination of bamboo and cotton – Brilliant intense vibrant colors – Highly absorbent easy care machine wash – Use for picnic poolside or as a colorful beach or bath towel.

Okay. You can laugh to your heart’s content and belittle those luxury beach towels that you often see in department stores and high street fashion boutiques. However, to overlook the potential of simple items like a luxury beach towel is to undermine your own creativity. How in the world can that be?

Simple, designer beach towels can be a showcase of your creativity, not only in aesthetic terms but also from a style perspective. As a matter of fact, it is not wrong to dub a luxury towels as the best gifts this Christmas. All you need to do is transform simple beach towels into something of an artistic expression.

There are many ways to make beach towels look cooler but the easiest way is by embroidering it with creative patterns. By embroidering intricate patterns that will reflect the personality of the person who will receive your gift, you can make an ordinary towel more awesome.

The possibilities are limitless. You can jazz-out beach towels by making hip and trendy patterns running along its entire length. You can also make psychedelic patterns to blend with the festive open-air atmosphere of the beach.

Since bamboo beach towels are, well, made from bamboo, you can rest assured that making a difference from an environmental and ecological perspective.

This is just the kind of thing that will welcomed in the Sydney market, something a bit luxurious, and bit creative, and an environmentally conscious product offering.

If you’re looking for gifts or just something a bit different to take to the beach, the pool, or even the shower – then check out their website – they take online orders.